Baseball Registration - 2019

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Review your league age below and then register accordingly:

Tball - league age 4-6
Rookie - league age 6-7 (most 6 year olds play Rookie)
Farm - league age 8 (and inexperienced 9 year olds)
AAA/Majors - league age 9-12

2019 Baseball League Age Chart

Steps for Spring 2019 Baseball Registration




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What's New For Spring 2019?

Upcoming Spring Majors Draft

This year the number of 10 year-olds joining the Majors program will be limited to 2 per team.

2019 Spring Managers and Coaches

Congratulations to our new Majors Managers for the upcoming spring season!


AAA Baseball Blind Draft

Alderwood Little League will perform a blind draft for the Spring AAA Baseball division. More information can be found here.

2019 Little League Rule Changes

Little League has new rules regarding bat eligibility - be sure to check out their website for more information.

Do you live in our boundaries?

To verify your residency in our league, please visit the District 1 website, or click on the following link:


Alderwood Little League is a 100% volunteer organization. The success of each team in our program relies on the volunteer efforts of every parent on the team. There are many roles to fill, and the support of each parent is necessary.


Team Managers and coaches are parent volunteers. Team managers and coaches are required to have a league issued ID badge when participating with team activities.

Team umpires are parent volunteers. Training is provided for team umpires, click here for more information. For umpire questions, or to become a staff umpire, contact the Umpire in Chief.

For a detailed description of how to apply to be a volunteer, visit our How do I Volunteer section.


Team Parent is a parent volunteer. The team parent will coordinate the volunteer efforts of the parents on their team. for league events and team activities. This includes coordinating the league's fundraising events for the team; scheduling volunteers for Concessions, Field crew, etc. and snack schedules. Details are provided at the Team Parent meeting held in mid-March each year.

Mariner Little League ticket sales, Raffle Ticket sales, and Photo Magnet sales are all coordinated for the team by a parent volunteer. Assist your team parent in coordinating one of these league events for your team. Details are provided at the Team Parent meeting held in mid-March each year.

Field Crew is parent volunteers. The Field crew will prep the field before each game and clean the field following the game, see league's Field Maintenance Manual on "how to."

Concession Stand crew are parent volunteers. Our Concession stand provides funding for upgrades to our complex. Support of Concession Volunteers and your patronage benefit our league.

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    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.
      If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.