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Club Nine Baseball

Club Nine Baseball is the newest local baseball training organization to work with Alderwood Little League. Conveniently located in Everett, Bobby McEwen and his team provide team and individual training for players at all levels.

Club Nine Baseball was created to bring back baseball the way it was meant to be played. Our focus is to emphasize to the youth baseball players of the Northwest how important hard work, dedication and mental toughness is to get the most out of their potential. Giving them the necessary tools and mechanics is only part of a player's success but we do cover them all. At Club Nine we'll show you how to push yourself and help you to establish goals in every aspect of the game. Our coaching staff has experience playing from College to Professional ranks. We have high expectations of our players and high expectations of our staff. We are here to help those dedicated and driven.

Wilkinson Baseball Academy

Pete Wilkinson and the Wilkinson Academy have been supporters of Alderwood Little League for over five years. We are very fortunate that they host our annual Coaches Training Clinic. More recently, several Alderwood Players have participated in individual training at the Wilkinson Academy.

The Wilkinson Baseball Club was created in 1988 to provide opportunities for serious high school baseball players to develop as people and as players. In 2000, a Mickey Mantle team was added to the Academy program.

Wilkinson players at both levels work with their coaches to learn to handle adversity and success, to learn skills that will translate into success in life, and to enhance their capacity to work cooperatively in a competitive environment.

First Swing Baseball Camps 

Phil Rognier First Swing Baseball Camps official Web Site.

Phil has been a partner in player and family development with Alderwood Little League for the past five seasons. Most recently, he conducted our 2010 Fall Skill Clinic program.

Little League Coaches 
Resource Center 

The intent of this Resource Center is to provide the Little League Baseball and Softball Coach or Manager with the tools they need to be effective leaders of children, to run efficient and productive practices, and to teach children the baseball or softball skills they need to be able to excel.

This service is being provided at absolutely no charge whatsoever by Little League International. Any and all Little League Baseball and Softball Managers and Coaches are eligible to access any of the information in this Resource Center at any time they wish. It is just one of the many reasons Little League remains the largest, best, and most respected youth sports program in the world.

Whether you, as a Manager or Coach, are a novice or a seasoned veteran, you will be able to learn something from this Resource Center. We hope you enjoy it.

Play Like a Champion

The Play Like A Champion TodayTM approach has been crafted over a period of years by leaders in the fields of education, psychology, and coaching to elevate the culture of youth sports through child-centered educational practices. PLC teaches coaches, parents, and youth sport administrators research-based, child-centered educational practices that foster moral, social, and spiritual development

Positive Coaching Alliance

Positive Coaching Alliance is committed to the development of the youth of our community. Their objective is aligned with that of Alderwood Little League - Provide adult volunteers who understand their responsibility as a role model to our youth and see sports as an extension of learning live lessons.

Positive Coaching Alliance is endorsed by Little League International

Little League Inc.

The official website of Little League International.

Western Region Little League

The official website of Little League Western Region Headquarters located in San Bernardino, California.

Washington District 1

The official website of Little League Washington District 1 Baseball & Fast-Pitch Softball, encompassing 16 Little Leagues throughout Snohomish County.

Food Workers classes

Find information here on Food Worker classes at the Snohomish County Health District website.