Where do our Fees go?

Alderwood Little League is a non-profit organization, and as such, all monies collected are re-invested into our program. Our Board of Directors annually approves a budget which provides funding for both the needs of program during the current season and building for the future. If you have questions, please contact the league President at president@alderwoodll.com.

Registration Fees


Please be advised that your child's Little League age may not be his or her current chronological age. You will use their Little League age to determine their division of play for the spring 2019 season.

BASEBALL - Boys and Girls
For the Baseball League Age Determination Chart for the 2019 season, go to the Baseball Registration page. Majors Baseball players will also be assessed a uniform fee.

4 - 6 years old** $95.00 T-Ball (co-ed)
6 - 7 years old** $125.00 Rookie Baseball
8 year olds and those 9 year olds
who played Rookie in 2017
$140.00 Farm Baseball
Those 9 year olds who played Farm
in 2017, 10, 11 and 12 year olds***
$170.00 AAA or Major Baseball
13 - 16 year olds# $165.00 Intermediate and Junior

SOFTBALL - Girls Only
For the Softball League Age Detemination Chart for the 2019, go the the Softball Registration page.

Softball players younger than league age 6 play in the co-ed T-ball division. Majors Softball players will also be assessed a uniform fee.

6 - 8 years old** $125.00 Rookie Softball
9 - 12 year olds $170.00 AAA or Major Softball
13 - 16 year olds# $165.00 Teenage Softball

Learn more about the levels of play by selecting "PLAYERS" on our menu.

*Players must register for the level of play which matches their league age.

**League Age 6 Year Olds: Experiences league age 6 Year Olds may opt to play in T-ball OR Rookie Baseball or Softball and should register in the division they wish to play in.

***All league age 10 - 12 year olds will register for the "Major & Tryouts" section for Baseball or Softball. All players who did not play on a Major Division team in 2018, must participate in tryouts. Players not drafted to a Major Division team for 2018 will be placed on a AAA level team.

#At this time, Intermediate and Junior Baseball registrations will be placed on a waiting list until we can determine if Alderwood will be able to field a team, or offer players a position on a team in a neighboring league.

FUNDRAISER - Booster Cards

All players league age 4 - 12 are required to participate in Alderwood Little League Raffle Fundraiser. This year, Booster Cards are replacing the Raffle Sales. Each player will be proived 3, $20 Booster Cards (with discounts to local business). Families will pay for the Booster Cards at registration and the cards will be provided through the team managers.

Scholarships are available for families who would experience financial hardship with the posted registration fees. All Scholarship players must participate in the Fundraiser. Scholarship form here.

Other Information


Alderwood Little League refund policy is outline as part of the registration process, please read carefully this policy as you register your player.

Refund requested prior to March 15th may receive up to 50% of the registration fee; and may be sent to the Player Agent. NO REFUNDS will be granted after March 15th.


Players registering after March 1st will be assessed a $25 late registration fee.

Registrations after February 8th will be available on a first come basis for available openings in each division and sport.

Registration for Major Baseball & Softball will close on February 10th.